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"Hey All! Bridget Bartlett here!

My program, My Vision Agency, helps you become a software reseller in minutes with our Done For You System, White Label A.I. Ads Software Reseller Licenses, A.I. Coach, Daily Live Coaching and so much more!

Our system and resources are designed to be easily imported directly into your own High Level agency account. Rebrand our A.I. Ads manager as your own and add to your High Level dashboard!"

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A.I. Ads Software For You and Your Clients

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In addition to white labeling and reselling High Level to your clients, you will have the ability to resell our white label A.I ads manager at no cost to you, if you use our affiliate link to sign up to High Level.

Customers have seen 90% cheaper ad costs and 105%+ higher Click-Through Rates than industry benchmarks by focusing on your relevance and ad quality with our A.I. Ads manager!

Simply paste the link to your website and our A.I. will create the ad copy, audience and you can just choose the budget!

Add this to the menu in your High Level dashboard and increase the value to your clients and stand out in the crowd of other High Level agencies.

Resell. Rebrand. Keep 100% Profit.

Not only can you use this A.I. ads manager for your own business, you will also have the ability to rebrand this as your own.

You can charge whatever you like and keep 100% of the profit. The money goes right to you every month!

Unbranded Support For You & Clients

You and your clients will have access to an unbranded knowledgebase with frequently updated articles and videos.

You and your clients will also have access to our support team who can assist you or act as your own support team to assist your clients.

DFY System. Get Setup In Minutes

Our sales funnels and automations will ensure you and your clients can get setup and onboarded right away.

Our unbranded onboarding course is ready to use as is or you can edit it as you wish to ensure your clients find quick success.

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